Send Large Files Simply and Securely
with IS-FOX FileXchange for Everyone: From EUR 39 Per Month

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Send and receive data securely with just a few clicks – on a website with an intuitive user interface. No registration or passwords needed.



SSL-encrypted uploads and downloads (via HTTPS). Files are stored encrypted on a FileXchange server and can also be protected with a security code.


Attractively priced

Billing takes place in the cloud service and is based on actual use, regardless of the number of users, as an in-house solution with attractive volume licences.

IS-FOX FileXchange Cloud Service: Flexible Billing Based on Data Volumes

Flexibility + attractive price model: the cloud service is the solution for you if you want to give all your employees the opportunity to share data securely. No investment in the infrastructure or licences is necessary.

IS-FOX FileXchange is very easy to use:

  • No software installation (client or server) is necessary. You simply receive an electronic certificate for access purposes.
  • Users simply call up the IS-FOX FileXchange website.
  • The touch-screen user interface is self-explanatory; no instructions are needed.
  • There are no complicated menus or selection fields. One function = one click.
  • There is no user administration or password registration. Whoever has installed the certificate can upload data or create upload links for third parties.
  • No certificates are needed for recipients; files can be retrieved from any terminal that is capable of providing a browser function.
  • The IS-FOX FileXchange server is located in Germany and subject to German data-protection law.
  • The servers are housed in highly secure data centre that is certified in accordance with ISO 27001.
  • The systems are hardened, monitored and checked for weak points (penetration tests) by security experts.
  • Each link created is individual and impossible to guess.
  • SSL-encrypted uploads and downloads (via HTTPS).
  • All files are checked for viruses on upload.
  • All files are stored encrypted on the IS-FOX FileXchange server.
  • Files can also be given a security code on upload. This code is not saved on the IS-FOX FileXchange server. It is not possible to start downloading the encrypted files or obtain administrator access to them without this code.
  • No backup of the transfer data is made. The transfer data is automatically deleted from the server in accordance with a time window determined at upload.
  • The cloud service is not licensed based on the number of users. Billing is based on the actual data volume transferred (upload to the FileXchange server), as that ultimately incurs costs (storage space, network, processor load, etc.). So you only pay for the actual use of IS-FOX FileXchange software.
  • You can cancel IS-FOX FileXchange at any time after three months.
  • You select the right volume package for you from the price list and can also book further GB on a flexible basis.


Even with more than 1,000 potential users, you can still use IS-FOX FileXchange from EUR 39 per month.

Price examples (net plus VAT):

10 GB/month EUR 39
50 GB/month EUR 99
100 GB/month EUR 179


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