Videos on Information Security, Data Protection and Compliance

Explain complex information-security and data-protection issues to your employees in a simple, comprehensible way using two-to-four minute tutorials, for example: How do you recognise phishing attacks and protect yourself from them? Why do we need complex passwords and how do we create them? What has changed with GDPR? What are conflicts of interest?

Demo Videos on Cyber Security and Information Security

Short film: Anatomy of a Cyber Security Espionage Attack

The 9-minute short film explains all phases of a cyber security espionage attack in an exciting and modern way: access to the building, tailgaiting, dumpster diving, infecting unlocked PCs, social engineering with USB sticks and vishing (voice phishing).

Demo Videos on Data Protection according EU-GDPR

IS-FOX Videos: the Facts

The following Educational Videos on Security Awareness are available in many languages:

  • How does company-wide security work and why is every individual employee so important?
  • How can I recognise and protect myself against phishing attacks*?
  • What risks do cloud services pose?
  • Why do I need complex passwords and how do I create them*?
  • Why and how should information be classified*?
  • How can I recognise and protect myself against social-engineering attacks*?
  • How do I protect information at my workstation*?
  • How do I protect information in public places/when travelling*?
  • How do I use social networks securely*?
  • Exposing professional, money-transfer scammers (“president scams”)*
  • What is ransomware and how can I protect myself?
  • What role do managers play in information security?

* There is an appropriate, interactive exercise for these educational videos. The exercise and video together create an ideal Mini E-Learning module.

The following Educational Videos on Data Protection according to EU General Data Protection regulations (GDPR) are available in many languages:

  • Data Protection basics.
  • Differences between GDPR and former Data Protection Regulations.
  • Principles of Data Protection (purpose limitation, data minimisation, etc.).
  • Data Protection Requirements (processing agreement, TOMs, etc.).
  • Data Protection and confidentiality: which personal data belong in which confidentiality class?
  • Data Protection in social networks: how can I protect my privacy?
  • Correct behaviour in the event of a data breach.

The following compliance videos are available in German and English:

  • Compliance basics: what is compliance and why is it so important?
  • Conflicts of Interest and Benefits.
  • Equal treatment of all employees and applicants.
  • Antitrust law: basic principles and definite "No Go's".
  • Fraud and how to contain it.

IS-FOX educational videos can be used in many different ways:

The short film "Anatomy of an cyber security espionage attack" is ideally suited for integration in classroom training courses and for your security portal in the intranet.

The Educational Videos on Security Awareness and Data Protection are available in many different languages, for example:

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese

For other languages you can either use affordable subtitles in local language (more than 24 languages available) or we localize the videos with a professional speaker. We have already localized educational videos in over 14 languages. Compliance videos are currently available in German and English.

The short film "Anatomy of an industrial espionage attack" is available in German and English (fully synchronized). Other languages can be offered by subtitling in the local language or, if desired, can be created fully synchronized.


The tutorials are supplied in an MP4 format (H.264 Codec) and are compatible with all the usual video players (Windows Media Player, Flashplayer and HTML5 Player). The format is suitable for video streaming and saves on bandwidth for intranets and mobile devices. Special formats (e.g. WMV files) can be produced on request.

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